Monday, March 15, 2010


Where is my Muse? by Nambozo

My best poetry has been inspired and created during times of intense sadness. The state of not having anything to smile about is such a high motivator to write. It was so easy for me then to seek refuge from the prison walls of structure, traffic rules, escaped dreams and misunderstood ambition. I would cry and watch my tears crystallize into verse and as the words appeared and reappeared on paper, my life would take on a new meaning.

I’m often asked about the reason behind my poems like Al Qaeda, In the Restaurant and We made Love on Mt. Elgon and my response is simple. It is easy to fantasize when you don’t have. It is easy to create that which is not. To make something out of nothing. Sadness makes me create. Emptiness makes me want to feel full and so I write.

Now, it is difficult to write because I’m happy almost all the time with a wonderful husband and daughter and great friends. I personally don’t like writing about happy things. Some of my worst poems are love poems, poems about singing birds and smiling flowers. A poem for me should not just make me smile, but make me frown, cringe, throw up, vent, consider and reconsider. Poems are personal and these are all personal opinions.

I do not miss being depressed and always being in want and need. It’s an awful state. I just miss the creative energy that it gives me. I know there is a muse for me somewhere. I’m still searching.