Monday, May 18, 2009


It's a Monday-I have no problems with Mondays I just wish they came like in the middle of the week. Anyway no worries, I'm leaving EASSI end of the month and so I will be able to embrace Mondays more wholeheartedly.

I need to revive my inner energy by writing more, spending more time with Zion and Emmanuel and also see how I can make more money doing the things I love. Sounds a neat plan....where do I start?

Our family is preparing for this huge retirement party for my jajja daddy, Prof. Senteza Kajubi. Don't know if it's a surptise anymore because we meet every other week on a Sunday. It'll be kool. Our relatives from all over the world will be coming over and well, looking forward to it.

By the way, where are all these wonderful publishers of poetry. I ahve a whole collection which has been ready for a while and I need a publisher. Looking for a publisher people! Or maybe they should be looking for me?

I used to be unafraid to call myself a write when i was just starting out and now the more I write, the more afraid I become really.

Well, since it is a Monday, let me get back to work and make the most of my two weeks left here.


Iwaya said...

well now, that's a plan! you begin your freedom with a party!

Nambozo Nsengiyunva said...

ha! and enjoying it all the way. life shd be a party, no? too much sadness.