Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Black is Back; ask Barack

I hear that Black is Back. It is the next best thing. I don’t know if this emerged after Barack Obama’s successful election to The US Presidency or if it is a more analytical view of the socio-economic cycle of life. Well, whether it is black, brown, blue or green, I tell you that certain hues will remain the same.

Take for instance an office where someone is in charge of the office driver and which errands are important. Of course, in countries, where the traffic jams and imprudent drivers take the better of the roads, any parent would prefer if someone else could bear the road rage for a while. So this diligent person at the office will occasionally use the driver to pick up a child or two from school and also drop them home. This starts out once during a very busy day at office but after noticing that nobody in office brings the culprit to book, it becomes an obtuse habit. And while other staff members would like to use the office car for office duty…the rest remains unsaid. Black is not back.

How about the dim-witted parents who begin to fret just because their newborn babies are growing dark at the ears? Such lack of confidence in one of God’s most beautiful miracles is a reason to believe that black is not back.

Is there a chance that the pettiness amongst friends is just play-acting? What car do you drive? How often do you change your hair? Brand of clothes? Is that weight gain or wisdom fat? How about the parents who want you to marry from a certain tribe, religion and class? Is it pettiness of play-acting when friends want to compete over whose baby is bigger, bolder and brighter? Is it pettiness or play-acting when someone faults you for staying sexually abstinent until marriage. They say it is impossible. Black is not back.

The husband who lets his wife do all the bread winning in the name of pro-feminism and activism just doesn’t get it. Black is not back.

But because we can, because we did-we are back. Black is back

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