Friday, December 5, 2008

day one-the beginning of the exodus

Getting a name for blog is not as difficult as choosing a name for a child. My daughter’s name is Zion. My husband and I chose it a month before she was born. We knew she was coming and so had time to get a name. But this blog-I had no idea if it would ever be born . Needless to say, the name for this blog is The Exodus of Whatever. And that means exactly what you want it to mean. Yesterday was World AIDS Day. On the news, we were told that Uganda’s prevalence rate is 6.4%. I wore my red ribbon and then took it off because I was alone in the house the whole day with my daughter who really didn’t care much about anything else except feeding. She is 2 months and 1 day today.

I do support all measures to lower the rate of HIV infections. I just think that maybe there is need for something newer and more radical.

I have about 6 weeks left for my maternity leave to end. The first half I spent watching a whole lot of series and trying to fit into my old clothes. Now, I am starting a blog and I hope this lasts at least up to the end of maternity leave. I am a member of FEMRITE and have been since 2000. FEM is a great place. It’s like a place I can hide away to when I want to be away from the harsh realities like food crisis, global warming, Mumbai attacks, The King of Bugisu who is not really a King and whatever other problems are threatening world peace.

This is the start of the Exodus to all the places this blog will take me.

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