Friday, July 3, 2009


It is ridiculous for a 50 year old woman to stand before an audience ill-prepared for a speech which she had a month to prepare for. It is even more ridiculous when this 50 year old woman gets up to talk and after about 15 minutes; no one remembers anything of substance that she has said. It gets worse. What we do remember is that she berated the rest of us who she felt had chided her in any recent past and also who she felt did not match up to certain artificial beautiful standards. Read: Too much make-up, artificial hair.

My own theory of 50 year old women is thus:
Try to help younger women become better by sharing experiences and training them in various skills, introduce them to good opportunities and remember that you are 50 years old and there is no need to behave like a 50 year old stuck in a rut, chatting away about men in their twenties, flirting with 40 something year olds, sleeping with peoples’ husbands and depleting office funds faster than the rise of stupidity amongst Ugandan drivers.

I hate hanging around 50 year old women whose non-existent self-esteem ruins their otherwise inner beauty. Shameless and pitiful.

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Stephanie said...

I hear you loudest and clearest.. insecurity, bitch chic...urrrghhh