Friday, July 3, 2009



I’m on a team that is organizing the launch of a book of a great man, Justice Ogoola. What makes him great is despite his status and fame, none of it gets to his head. If I have to call him concerning something important about the launch, he allows me into his office and we chat, even on phone. That’s cool because his brain is bigger than his ego. I’M NOT QUITE SURE ANYMORE how I got to be in this committee but I AM THERE. The launch is today, 3rd July. And I am pretty sure it will turn out okay. The only nag is on that team are these ‘know it alls.’ I strongly believe in team work but when I AM ON a team where some people want to take over every player’s role and belittle me in front of others exposing their lack of decency, respect and tact, it bothers me. It bothers me because there is no need to horde every task and there is also no need to treat me like you would treat your boda boda friends or waitress friends who you usually order around to do your bidding. I am on the same team you are and I was incorporated on the team just like you to make the event a success. So DO NOT shout down at me. If we plan to meet at a particular time, respect that time as much as possible and do not come panting one hour later yelling at everyone as if you are the reason for the launch. The reason for the launch is Justice Ogoola and not you.

Justice you are hardly aware of what is going on behind the scenes but I am honoured to have worked with you and for you. It was also an honour to meet David Waweru your publisher. He is a good decent African man and it is always refreshing to meet one of those. I have read your book and though I THINK the beginning is quite preachy, the political ones are quit something.

If you ever would like me to work with you, I would be glad to do so but on certain conditions; tasks have to be allocated a bit more specifically. It would be easier to have a driver or two to assist with some tasks. Thirdly, please do not have three emcees at one function. I am not sure how today will turn out but three emcees is a bit too much; especially if they do not have all that chemistry together.

All the best with the launch then.



Anonymous said...

Dear Nambooze,
since you have been in contact with the good Justice, is there any way you could appeal to him to offer leadership to this country in a more active political role. From the way he has portrayed himself, he seems to have the character and competence to lead a country such as uganda whose biggest need is good leadership. Please let the man know that and kudos to you for the opportunity to work with such good brains.

Nambozo said...

Winnie, I will only be too glad to tell him that. i will meet him later this week. Pity that he's up against so much squirm in the politics of this country. But will tell him.